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About Vuna

We know that every parent wants the best for their child. We also know that parenting is hard work!

Ububele is committed to building healthy relationships between parents and their children.  We want to help parents and caregivers to love and support their babies and young children so that they can help them learn, grow and thrive.  


Parents who want to help their children reach their full potential make use of Ububele’s FREE, easy and effective parenting club.  The Vuna club is a WhatsApp business support platform primarily for pregnant mothers, and mothers, fathers and caregivers with babies and children under the age of 2.  The club is designed to keep Alexandra parents informed, encouraged and supported in raising healthy and thriving children.  Through Vuna, members have free access to Ububele’s first 1000 days basket of services, including weekly WhatsApp messages that are both supportive and psycho-educational. Ububele’s First 1000 Days Basket of Services is a comprehensive collection of infant mental health interventions, designed to work together to ensure that the varied needs of each infant and their caregivers can be appropriately responded to – from the lowest to highest levels of risk.

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VUNA means Harvest, and at Ububele we believe that the seeds of success are planted in your child’s first 1000 days.

Why join?

 The Vuna club gives parents access to professional support, information about their pregnancy and their baby and child’s development, as well as parenting programmes to help them on their parenting journey.  

Research shows that babies and children who are loved, talked to and stimulated by their parents or caregivers grow and develop better, generally do better at school and are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and engage in violent behaviour.  Supporting parents is one of the best ways to prevent violence in society. 

Improving the relationship between parents and their babies and children is not only good for children, but it’s good for parents too, as good relationships can make the experience of parenting much more enjoyable and enriching for both moms and dads.  Joining the Vuna club allows parents to be part of a community of parents like themselves.

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Our Mission


By joining the Vuna parenting club, parents will have access to:

  • Weekly psycho-educational and supportive WhatsApp messages

  • Home visiting services

  • Parenting programmes

  • A Newborn Behavioural Observation

  • Parenting “consultation” services offered at Region E clinics

  • Counselling support if baby is admitted at Edenvale Hospital

  • Counselling or Therapy services if needed

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