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Founded in 2000, Ububele has developed models of community-based mental health care to address the emotional trauma of South Africa’s past, the ongoing mental and physical effects of the cycle of poverty and the daily challenges faced by individuals, families and communities.  

We strive to achieve the vision of a world where secure, physically and psychologically well-cared for children grow up to be emotionally healthy adults, competent parents and concerned citizens.

Our mission is to positively impact on the mental health of disadvantaged South Africans through the development, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of interventions and training programmes which focus on infancy, early childhood and experiential group work. 

If families are supported and strong, they are more likely to be able to meet the needs of their children.  And well supported children are more likely to become active, contributing citizens in our beloved, though fractured, country.

Many of our For Families services are offered free to residents of Alexandra Townships. By using our paid services you can help fund free services for residents of Alexandra.

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    Therapy and Assessment Clinic

    This clinic, staffed by a multidisciplinary team of trainee and qualified psychologists, provides therapy for children and their caregivers and assessments for children, as well as other interventions.  

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    Parent-Infant Psychotherapy Clinic

    A therapeutic service for infants and caregivers, including parents who lost a child during pregnancy or in childbirth and infants in institutional care, to promote infant mental health and optimal development.

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    The Ububele Preschool

    The preschool for children from Alexandra and surrounds focuses on the educational, psycho-social and physical development of the child. It also provides access to the Ububele Therapy and Assessment clinic if needed.

    Reduced rates may be offered for qualifying families

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    Home Visiting Service

    A weekly service for caregivers resident in Alexandra Township with infants aged under 2 years.  Visits by an Early Childhood Community Practitioner provide emotional support and promote positive parent-infant interactions .  

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    Ububele Ubuntu Bus Groups

    The Bus brings playgroups to Setswetla, an area in Alexandra that experiences many environmental and social stressors. It provides opportunities for children and their caregivers to play in a safe environment. 

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    Newborn Observations

    This interactive, family-centred consultation is for anyone with an infant of less than 3 months. The baby’s unique social and developmental capacities are observed, and infant-specific caregiving guidance is provided.

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    Persona Doll Groups

    Persona Dolls are life-sized dolls used as a tool to teach groups of young children emotional literacy.  We offer persona doll groups in the Ububele pre-school, and in Alexandra community schools.

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    Baby Mat Service

    In this brief intervention to caregiver-infant dyads in a clinic, caregivers are guided by baby mat practitioners to think about their concerns and about parenting their baby for optimal development.

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    International Child Development Programme

    This parenting programme enriches caregiver-child relationships for optimal child development, through promoting caregiver competence and confidence. The programme draws on indigenous child-rearing practices and values to achieve this.

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    Circle of Security Parenting

    Circle of Security® Parenting™ encourages building healthy attachment relationships, understanding the needs of very young children, and helping parents to reflect on their struggles with parenting.

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    Incredible Years Parenting Service

    When things go wrong in families because children are being difficult it is necessary to change both the child and the parent’s behaviour. The focus is on building/rebuilding  good relationships.

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    Vuna Parenting Club

    The VUNA club is a WhatsApp business support platform keeping Alexandra parents informed, encouraged and supported in raising healthy and thriving children.

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