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International Child Development Programme

This parenting programme enriches caregiver-child relationships for optimal child development, through promoting caregiver competence and confidence. The programme draws on indigenous child-rearing practices and values to achieve this.

The purpose of the International Child Development Programme is to build caregiver competence and confidence and enrich the relationship between caregivers and their children. It is based on recent research in child development which shows that using ways of interacting with children that are appropriate to local culture and values, make change more long lasting.

The objectives are to: 

- influence the caregiver’s experience of the child in a positive way, so that the caregiver can ‘feel with the child’

- strengthen caregivers’ self-confidence.

- give children the opportunity to be heard, listened and responded to

- give children opportunities to follow their own initiative, supporting them when needed

- promote sensitive communication and enriching interactions between caregiver and child that expand and guide the child’s experiences and actions in relation to the surrounding world.

This service is for caregivers of children of any age.



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