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Internship site for Counselling and Educational Psychologists

Ububele is an HPCSA accredited internship site for student counselling and educational psychologists, who have completed the first year of their Masters’ degree. It is an annual full-time programme.

This is an intensive year where we expose intern psychologists to diverse, stimulating clinical experiences. We pay particular attention to the development of the interns’ understanding of the psychodynamic processes between worker and child. The goals of the internship are to:
- Encourage application of new insights within the parameters of the workplace.
- Develop the interns’ skills in understanding the communication of child, adolescent and adult clients.
- Develop skills in detailed observation and recording of interactions.
- Provide a framework for thinking about the development of personality from birth to adulthood.
- Promote critical understanding of the application of psychoanalytic theory to specific difficulties in childhood including trauma, loss, abuse, disability.
- Promote sensitivity to cultural, racial and gender issues and their impact on the relationship between worker and client.
- Develop interns’ confidence in liaising appropriately with professionals, agencies, parents and carers in accordance with their professional role and the needs of their clients.

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