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Persona Doll Training

Practitioners learn to use dolls as a tool to teach emotional literacy to young children. The doll, given a persona by the practitioner, helps children talk about difficult experiences and feelings.

This once a week, 5 week course trains practitioners in the use of Persona dolls as a tool in developing the emotional literacy of young children. Each participant receives a doll as part of the course and they give their doll a persona which is relevant to the child groups they work with. They learn to engage with the children through their doll. A doll with an appropriate persona and background assists children to talk about experiences that they have had. During the training, groups are run in the various practitioners’ contexts, with supervision. 
This course is aimed at pre-school teachers, childcare workers, psychologists, social workers, psychology and social work students, and anyone who works with children.




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20 July 2023

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