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Support in Strengthening Early Relationships

By Katharine Frost

Ububele is all about relationships. And this starts at the very beginning of life.

We support parents and caregivers by strengthening bonds and attachment between them and their children, in pregnancy and onwards.

Children that grow up with security of attachment -in strong, predictable, loving relationships with their caregivers- will grow up with more of a chance to reach their potential, a greater likelihood of completing their schooling, choosing healthier life partners and contributing actively toward society.

This is what ECD (Early Childhood Development) includes – providing support early, and early means really early, so that children are more likely to reach their potential.

Ububele provides this support in a variety of ways - through our basket of first 1000 days services, through our positive parenting programmes, through our ECD centre and through the training programmes we offer that share this information with others.

This year Ububele celebrated its 20-year anniversary. A milestone that was reached in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, which provided time for sober-minded reflection and lots of gratitude. Ububele has been doing what we have been doing for 20 years, when many NGOs have not been able to endure for one or other reason. In this time, we have learned that not only do we do important work with families and children, but that in order for people or business or philanthropic organisations to support us we need to be accountable to them for every cent spent, that our governance needs to be excellent.

Giving is not just about sentiment, it is also about ethics and about good business.

Thank you to every one of Ububele’s donors for supporting us this year. By giving to an organization like ours, you are not only supporting us to continue offering the services that we do, but you're helping us to grow in reach and impact. By giving to an organization like Ububele, our donors, whether a large trust, corporate CSI, local business, a society or individual (whether by giving in kind or large sums of money), are part of contributing to the future that we all wish to see. This is important not only considering the past that we come from but also in the current context that South Africa finds itself in. And by giving we are all part of Ububele. So, thank you, to all who assisted us in getting through 2020. We shall continue strengthening early relationships where we can and continue playing our part (with you, our donors) in contributing to the future we all want to see.

Katharine Frost is the Executive Director of The Ububele Educational and Psychotherapy Trust.

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